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windows 10 tricks and hidden features

8 cool windows 10 Tricks and Hidden features you should know

Cool Windows 10 Tricks and hidden features :-  Hello friends, ever since the Microsoft has released windows 10, they rolled out number of updates for it. That being in the form of Anniversary updates, Creators update they have packed lot of new features with them. Hence windows 10 has number of hidden features and tricks that we should know. Today we are talking about this windows 10 Tricks and Hidden features.

8 cool windows 10 Tricks and Hidden features!

1. Night Light

Windows 10 Tricks and hidden features

One of the biggest drawbacks of digital displays are envision of blue light. It harms your eyes as well as body. Working late night on desktop might make you seek.  But now thanks to Microsoft for bringing Night light feature to windows 10 latest update. Night Light actually filters the blue light from the screen that can help you sleep better in the night. You can set it to your desired filter setting in the options of night Light.

2. Phone Notifications

Windows 10 Tricks and hidden features

Checking phone while working on PC might get bit difficult. Now you can simply sync your phone notification to your windows 10 PC. You just have to download cortana app from play store or app store, sign in and enable sync option. Similarly you have to sign in to cortana on pc and enable notification options in the settings. Now you are good to go. You can also reply to the notification right from notification panel of windows 10.

3. Automatic lock when you are away

windows 10 tricks and hidden features

Many times you forget to lock your laptop and you leave open. But with this windows 10 Trick you laptop gets lock automatically when you get away form it. To do so just pair your phone to laptop by Bluetooth. Now head to the accounts section – sign in options – dynamic lock.

How it works – whenever you get away with your phone from laptop, laptop will check the connectivity with the phone. As soon as phone gets out of Bluetooth range your laptop simply locks itself . Really cool😎

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Top 10 new iOS 11 Features – Apple New OS released

4. Storage sense – Smart storage cleanup

windows 10 tricks and hidden features

There might be a cases where you run out of storage. With windows 10 storage sense feature your computer smartly deletes the unnecessary files. This includes unwanted cache files, files from previous updates, etc.  Just head over to setting – system – storage – and enable storage sense. You are good to go now!

5. Steps recorder

windows 10 tricks and hidden features

You could have come across the situation when you have to teach someone a task to do on a PC over a phone or texting. Well this is really an annoying thing. The best way out is through images which step by step guide. Yup, windows 10 is here for your rescue.

The latest windows 10 includes a cool step recorder feature, that records all your steps. You can just  launch steps recorder from cortana and hit start button. Once done hit stop button and windows will let you know what you have recorded in step by step manner.

6. Use Emoji’s everywhere

windows 10 tricks and hidden features

Using an Emoji’s is now an integral part of our social life. Sad part is that we can’t use them with the hardware keys of your PC. But wait,  Windows 10 has a great feature that you can use Emoji’s everywhere. Just hit right-click on a task bar and enable ‘show touch keyboard button’ . Now, whenever you want to use Emoji’s just launch the soft keyboard and use any Emoji’s you want. Is it cool?

7. Cool windows shortcuts

windows 10 tricks and hidden features

Windows 10 latest update includes lots of hidden shortcuts that can actually help you to type faster. Some cool shortcuts includes win+shift+s – selective screen capture, win+ arrow keys – snap the open tabs, etc.

You can create your custom shortcut as well with new Creators update of windows 10.

8. Bash shell

Now you can run a command shell as like in Linux architecture. This feature is currently available only for developers and you need to become a developer to use the bash shell feature.

These are one the top windows 10 Tricks and hidden feature as per me. I hope you liked this and found useful. What are your favorite features of windows 10? Just shoot them in a comment section below!

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new ios 11 features

Top 10 new iOS 11 Features – Apple New OS released

Top 10 new iOS 11 Features – Hello friends, Apple has just announced their new gadgets in, devices and new version operating system in WWDC 2017. Apple’s New OS version iOS 11 is now available for developers and will be available to public after some time.Apple might launch iOS 11 with new iPhone 8.

Apple has implemented bunch of new features in new iOS 11 version. While some features are improved over last update iOS 10. In this post , I will share Top 10 iOS 11 features. So let’s directly head to the list.

Top 10 new iOS 11 features

1. New – Screen reading Feature

Now your iPhone will read whats on your screen and give you a relevant suggestions. This feature as same as Android Now on Tap , which you can even Translate the selected text on Screen , all using Siri.


2. Improved – Notification Center

New notification centre on iOS 11 is completely different. Swiping down on the screen will now open notification screen with active notifications. Swiping up on notification center will open old notifications. Also swiping left will open widget screen as it alwayd did. However, swiping right will now open camera app. You can dismiss notification center with just tapping on home button.


3. New – Better Image quality and Better Image Compression

image compression in iOS 11 becomes even better. Now I will take upto half of you space than the devices on iOS 10. That means images are compressed upto 2X. This feature will help you to store more photos on you iphone. Apart from this camera performance is also improved with image quality, low light performance, HDR, etc.


4. New – Messaging App , Massages sync across all platforms ( iphone,ipad and Mac)

Massaging app on iOS 11 is completely redesigned. There are two new screen effects as send wit spotlight and send with echo. Your messages will now sync to all you device including iPhone, iPad and Mac. Even storage space required for these backups will also be very less.

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5. New – Screen Recording

Apple now finally implemented native support to screen recording! This feature is hidden by default. To enable this you can open control panel settings and add screen recording feature.Now tapping on Record button on control panel will start recording and again tapping will stop recording.


6. New – Do not disturb Mode while Driving

Your iPhone becomes very smart now while you are driving. Devices on iOS 11 will automatically detect if you are driving a car. Phone will remain not display any notification in that period. However, if you seat in Back seat or co-driver seat, then iPhone will run normally. Cool right!


7. New – Fun effects on Live Photos

Live photos feature in iPhone is awesome feature. Now it will become much fun when you add fun effects on Live Photos. Apart from that you can choose any frame as main photo from a live photo.


8. Improved – Control Center

The Control center in iOS 11 is now completely revamped. It looks bit cluttered to be honest, But some features are good. Brightness and volume slider looks good and very smooth. 3D touch on each section will open additional functionality though.


9. New – QR code support to camera

All new iOS 11 brings native QR Code support to camera app. You can simply point your camera to QR code and iphone will recognise it. If it’s URL then camera will simply notify you to open it in Safari browser.


10. Improved – App store

The new app store is now completely redesigned in iOS 11! App now categorized in apps , games ,etc section. The new App store will give you new cards based on your interests like app of day, game of the day. These card will be updated every day and new cards will be shown each time you launch app store.


I hope you liked our list of top 10 new iOS 11 features. Do comment below your views!

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royalty free imagages

Top 10 Best Websites for Royalty Free Images download

Hello friends, today I am going to list top awesome websites for downloading royalty free images. Now a days, Bloggers and Youtubers use images for improving their topics. Images also helps in SEO of the site.

If you are new to blogging, don’t directly use any image available on web. Using any image might harm your site ranking. However you can use lots of images that are royalty free. Yes, Royalty free images must be used in websites.

In fact, most of pro bloggers and webmasters use royalty free stock images. Which are available on web and can be used without any copyright issues. So, lets head to top 10 best websites that offers Royalty free images for free.

Top 10 Best Websites to Find Royalty Free Images

download royalty free images


1. Pixabay

Pixabay is very popular Royalty free image downloading site. You can find free stock images for your blog and website. They have categories such as Photos, Vector graphics, Illustrations and Videos. You can download free images with your choice of resolution. You don’t need to register or signup for downloading free images. Also, there is need for attribution to use images. You can use Pixabay on your phone using Pixabay Android app and Pixabay iOs app.


2. Canva

Canva is all in one graphic designing tool. This photo site helps to create free images, design free logos, stickers, icons,etc. They have bunch of templates to choose for various graphic requirements. You can create awesome images, designed using their free tools. You need to signup to use service, it can be done using Google or Facebook directly. Canva does not put watermark on designed graphics, though some of their features are paid. There is no need for any attribution for using their images.

3. Unsplash

Unslpash provides high quality stock photos for free. All the images are licenced used Creative Commons Zero (CC0) and are absolutely free. They have catagorized their images in differnrt collection you can choose from. There is no need of website registration/sign-up to download images and no attribution required to use their images. Yes, their images are licenced under Creative Commons Zero (CC0).


4. Pexels

Pexels is another good website for free stock images. You don’t need to register or signup to download stock images from pexels. Their Photos by color feature is unique and very helpful. Second unique feature of Pexels is “Pexels Chrome Extension”.Here you can add it to chrome and get new photo in every new tab opened. Also, you don’t need to give attribution for using photo.You can upload your own stunning click here,if you want others to use your photo.

download royalty free images

5. Gratisography

Gratisography is photography website that offers free stock images. Ryan Mcguire owns and manages the website. You can choose from various categories. Such as Animals, Nature, Objects, People, etc. You need not to sign-up to download images. Also, you are free to use images without giving any attribution.

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6. Public domain archive

Public Domain Archive offers free stock images to download. While you can download free images without registering, they offers premium membership to download stock free images in bulk. This site is also licensed under Creative Common Zero.You don’t need to give attribution to use their stock photos.


7. Picjumbo

Picjumbo is another website which offers royalty free images. You can choose among their category list of images to find the correct one for you. Their images are free from copyright restrictions. You dont need to sign-up to download images.Also no need to give attribution to use their images.They also offers premium membership to download stock free images which are not available for all images.


8. Jeshoots

JeShoots offers free stock photos and PSD mock-ups for personal and commercial use! Jeshoots offers various categories of images to choose between. Such as Animals,Background,City, Foods,Nature,Peoples,Technology,Etc. There is no need to sign-up to download free images. Also,you can use images without giving any attribution.


9. Gettyimages

Gettyimages is Popular website for Royalty free images. It offers high-quality images under various categories. You can also opt for their premium membership for stunning free images. You can also explore video and audio clips on the website. They also offer region/country specific websites for different geographies.


10. Foter

Fotor also offer free stock images. But the usages of their images required attribution. That mean you have to add attribution link wherever you are using their image! You can download images without any Sign-up.



I hope you find these websites it useful to download royalty free images. Are you using any different website? comment that below, we will try to add in our feature list. Till then enjoy free stock photos.

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10 useful websites on internet

10 Useful Websites on Internet that you should know

10 Useful Websites on Internet that you should know : hello friends, there are lot of sites on internet that are useful for our daily life. in this article we have listed top 10 useful websites on internet that you should know about. so lets directly head to the list.


10 Useful Websites on Internet that you should know

1. manualslib.com

useful websites on internet

This website is useful to download manual of any product you purchased. If you are searching the manual of fridge, tv, ac, etc this website is useful for you.


2. justdelete.me

useful websites on internet

This website is most useful for those who use internet more and those who create many accounts on different website. If you want to delete your account from any website for any particular reason , you can delete this with justdelete website. This Website also shows difficulty of deleting process. Site has around 350 pula sites listed.


3. zamzar.com

useful websites on internet

zamzar is the website is the file conversion tool that allows to convert file in any format. Zamzar supports over 1200 conversions. Any video, audio, eBook,image, and lot more can be converted using this site.


4. printfriendly.com

useful websites on internet

If you are reading some study material on Internet and you want to print it, normal print function just prints all webpage with images and unnecessary hyperlinks. printfriendly formats this content to readable project friendly page that you can easily print. You just have to paste the content link that you want to print.

5. disposablewebpage.com

useful websites on internet

If you want to create a webpage that contains your wedding invitation, your portfolio , but you want it should be temporary then this website is right for you.



6. newsmap.jp


Newsmap is news website that displays news in blocks with latest android material design feature. You can filter news with your country and gener. Trending news displayed in big blocks and block size decreases with less trending news.


7. twofoods.com

useful websites on internet

Twofoods just compare two foods with calories, carbohydrates,fat and protien. If you want to eat healthy food between two foods then just compare with this site.


8. pdfmerge.com

useful websites on internet

Pdfmerger is useful when you want to combine two different pdf file in one file. It will merge different pdf and create single pdf file.



9. spreeder.com

useful websites on internet

spreeder helps to increase your reading speed. Just paste any text you want to read , site will show it , word by word with speed you selected. For e.g. if you set speed at 300 wpm then site will display 300 words per minute. You can gradually increase your speed as you learn to read fastly.


10. slideshare.net

useful websites on internet

Slideshare is helpful for college students for project. You can search any topic here and download the project that you can refer for your project. It can also be helpful for management employees that want to present some ideas to their seniors.


Hope you found these websites useful and like our 10 Useful Websites on Internet. Do you using some another website that is useful? Comment down below, we will try to add in the list.

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Top 10 Best Browsers for Android

Top 10 Best Browsers for Android

Top 10 Best Browsers for Android: Hello friends,choosing a right browser for android is some what difficult job. Android app must be fast enough to load pages and should be fast download browser. if you are searching for best browsers for android then we must say you are on the right place. In this post we tried to list of Top 10 Best Browsers for Android. So lets directly head over to Top 10 Best Browsers for Android.

Top 10 Best Browsers for Android


Google Chrome

Google Chrome is our first priority. Designed for Android, Chrome brings you personalized news articles, quick links to your favorite sites, downloads, and Google Search and Google Translate built-in. It is a fast, easy to use, and secure web browser. If you haven’t try this browser yet then must try it now, you surely going to love it.


Puffin Web Browser

Puffin Web Browser is a wicked fast mobile browser. Once you experience the thrilling speed of Puffin, regular Mobile Internet feels like torture. Puffin Web Browser includes Adobe-Flash-Over-Cloud feature that plays any video seamlessly on your phone. Puffin browser has features of  Wicked Fast speed, Cloud Protection, The Latest Flash player, bandwidth saving and much more.


UC Browser

Next browser in our list of Best Browsers for Android is UC browser . It’s none other than UC Browser. UC Browser Mini for Android gives you a great browsing experience in a tiny package. It’s a lightweight browser especially useful to users of Android phones with lower specs and less storage space, but still packed with great features include fast browsing, smart downloading, amazing control and night mode also.


Opera Mini

Opera Mini is most downloaded app on Google play store. It’s a fast, safe mobile web browser with data saving feature, and lets you easily download from social media and websites. The web browser for Android lets you do everything you want to online without wasting your data plan. This is a simple, fast and very addictive browser for sure.



Dolphin browser is the recently launched browser for android with fast loading speed, HTML5 video player, AdBlocker, tab bar, sidebars, incognito browsing and flash player. This app got over 150,000,000 downloads on Android and iOS. It’s trusted and totally private. App comes with great features include flash player, Adblock, multi tab bars, gestures and so on.


Firefox Browse

Now let’s move one step more forward to our next android browser of 2017, Firefox Browser. Firefox is the independent, people-first browser made by Mozilla, voted the Most Trusted Internet Company for Privacy. Get ready to experience a fast, smart and personal Web. Totally addictive and very simple to use.


Maxthon Browser

Next browser on our list if, Maxthon browser. This is one of the highest rated browsers for Android today. it’s fast, secure, smart, easy to use, brings you an amazing Premium web experience. Now start exploring the world with this amazing mobile browser! Maxthon browser gives you a smooth and speedy browsing experience with a small package. AdBlocker is adapted to most websites and blocks most ads. Get ready to do everything you want online without wasting your data plan.


CM Browser

Almost everyone was familiar with this android browser, CM Browser. CM Browser is a lightweight mobile browser which can protect you from malicious threats and still give you rapid browsing speed. Comes with amazing feature, you can download most video files you want. Moreover, the Adblock function can clean annoying pop-ups, banner ads, and video ads and give you a comfortable browsing experience.

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APUS Browser

If you are searching for fast browsing experience then simple go for APUS Browser. Only 2 MB, this free internet explorer browser provides a large number of useful features and addons, Flash Player, Speed Mode, Full Screen Mode, Incognito Mode, No Image Mode, etc. Small, fast, private, APUS Browser is one of the best web browser apps for Android mobile phone and tablet on Google Play.


Brave Browser

Brave Web Browser is a fast, free, secure web browser for Android with a built-in AdBlock, tracking and security protection, and optimized data and battery experience. If you always do bank transactions then we must say this browser is made for you only, very secured and private. Other features include battery and data optimized.


Hope you liked our Top 10 Best Browsers for Android. If you are using any different browser for android, then comment below with its feature, we will surely try to update our best android browsers list.

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galaxy s8 features

Top 5 Samsung Galaxy S8 Features

Top 5 Samsung Galaxy S8 features:Welcome friends, recently Samsung have launched it’s flagship device. Every time Samsung make a lots of improvement with their new flagship lineup. Same has been done  with galaxy s8!

Some Cool features of galaxy s8 makes it unique that you never find on other devices with same range. We are going to have a look at a these top features of galaxy s8.

Top 5 Samsung Galaxy S8 features

1. Infinity Display

galaxy s8 features

Galaxy s8 packs with 5.8″ display that fits perfect in the hands. S8 packs with curve edged bezzeless display on sides and minimal bezzeless on top and bottom makes it even worth buying. With almost 84% of screen to body ratio makes most out of the front panel.
The curved edges on galaxy s8 features a edge panel with just a swipe away that looks gorgeous on 1440 x 2960 pixels Super AMOLED display. Edge panel allows you to create app, contacts shortcuts that works on any screen perfectly!

2. Iris Scanner and Face Recognition

galaxy s8 features

Iris Scanner is the unique feature of samsung galaxy s8. Iris Scanner recognizes the device owner by just scanning the eyes. Just setup it once and you are good to go! It is so powerful that it works in dark room also!

Same is the case with face recognition. Though android have inbuilt face recognition , Samsung improved it a lot. Face recognition in galaxy s8 is amazingly fast that you never notice the lag.

3. Bixby

galaxy s8 features

Bixby is a feature rich voice assistant for Samsung s8. Though it is similar to google assistant , it’s selective photo search works amazing and very handy. Bixby has its own page with different cards like whether, schedule,reminders,etc. And Yes, S8 supports google assistant as well.

4. Selfie Camera

galaxy s8 features

Galaxy S8 comes pack with 8 megapixel front camera with f1.7 aperture. Galaxy s8 is the first phone with Autofocus on selfie. It works great to click beautiful selfies. Even in Low light selfies taken by s8 look perfect. If you are a selfie lover then you are gonna love the galaxy s8.


5. Bluetooth 5.0

galaxy s8 features

Worlds first phone to come with latest Bluetooth version 5.0! It has 4 times more range than previous 4.2 version of Bluetooth.

More ever , Samsung s8 supports 2 simultaneous connections via Bluetooth! Yeah, now you can connect either smart watch and headset or simply connect 2 headsets at same time. No you gonna be say good by to audio splitters!
Along with this , Samsung have dedicated audio jack, much improved TouchWiz UI and supports google assistant too. These cool features adds much value to the great phone ever made by Samsung!

Do you like these top features of galaxy s8? Comment your favorite feature right below in the comment!

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top 5 best selfie camera apps

Top 5 best selfie camera apps for Android

Welcome friends, Many from you may be complaining about the performance of your stock camera app. You are not happy with the quality of selfie you have taken from your app. If you are looking for best selfie camera apps for Android then you are at right place! Following top 5 list will make your selfies look better . So let’s head to the list!

1. Candy Camera- Selfie Photo

With Candy Camera’s beautifying filters and silent mode,You can take beautiful selfies anywhere and anytime! Candy Camera has ground 100 million downloads and currently 4.4 rating out of 5. Candy Camera contains the beauty functions like Slimming, whitening, concealer, lipstick, blush, eyeliner, mascara! It’s stickers , silent camera, collage features makes it easy to edit selfie with our liking . You should once try this popular selfie app.

2. BeautyCam

BeautyCam helps you look your best. With BeautyCam you can perfect every photo, and you can be sure all your portraits show only the best version of you. Try new looks with the world’s most popular, easiest-to-use virtual makeup app by just one tap. This is an addictive app with so much incredible features, you surely going to love it.

3. Retrica – Selfie, Sticker, GIF

Next pick in the selfie camera app is Retrica. This app has over 350 million downloads from Google play store and its growing fast. The USP of this app is ,it takes selfie with real time filters, something very cool.With Retrica, you can create beautiful and natural looking selfie and video. This app does give more importance to your beauty while spending and less time for editing! If you haven’t try this app yet, then must try it now.

​4. Camera360- Selfie Photo Editor

Camera 360 is a best selfie editor app all time. If you want to enhance you selfie taken by you stock camera app, then you must try this professional photo editing app.Camera 360 contains the tools like themed funny stickers & motion stickers, art filters, poster,etc.Templates and video effects makes it even easier to edit best selfie.

5. Sweet Selfie Candy

Sweet Selfie Candy is another tiny size camera for perfect selfie! It can takes beauty selfies with filters in seconds.Sweet Camera features with amazing blur, vignette &retro feature that makes your selfie look more glamorous! Seet camera takes perfect selfies everytime. You can try this small size app , if you are running low on data and want to take perfect selfies.

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amazing google tricks

Top 7 amazing google tricks that you never know 2017

Hello friends, welcome to the very first post of the whatthefact. In this post we will cover the interesting and amazing google tricks.

All of you may know and use google everyday. Do you know there is lot more you can do than just a search? Well, there are some cool tricks about google you may never know. Some of these tricks are for fun and some tricks are very useful. So let’s have a look on them.

Top 7 Amazing google tricks


1) Do a barrel Roll

Just go to google and type ‘do barrel roll’ in search bar and hit enter. Wow, you can see you computer/ mobile browser screen will do a barrel rotation.

Amazing google tricks

2) Google Gravity

Just go to the Google and type ‘google gravity’ and click on i am feeling lucky button. Guess what , all elements of google home page will fall down. You can drag them up and release , you can see they will fall down towards the Gravity. This is something really cool.

Well, you can still type in the search box, and click on the search button.

How to get google Gravity in mobile?

Well that’s a serious questions , actually it’s not , guys it’s a super easy , just hold your phone in landscape mode and type google Gravity in chrome browser and click i am feeling lucky button. As simple as that.

Amazing google tricks

3) zerg rush

If you got bored by doing lots of work on computer, well google is here to relief your stress . Just enter ‘zerg rush’ in search bar and hit enter. You can see the small balls destroying you search results. Yup, that’s a game, you habe to aim  and click with you mouse to finish them . Just give attention , they are coming from down also.

4) play breakout on google

This is one of the best amazing google tricks that I like and it’s a game again. A well known classic game. Just search ‘play breakout on google’ and hit enter. Wow, amazing , all elements will turn out to be bricks and you have to break them to win. Cool 🙂.

Amazing google tricks

5) Google sphere

This is something that I really like. Just enter google sphere and hit enter. Amazing , all elements will align themselves to make a sphere and will turn as you control it with mouse.

6) google pacman

Jus type google pacman and hit enter, the famous and legendary game pacman will appear on the screen .

Amazing google tricks

7) google guitar

You can play guitar on the Google. Just type google guitar and hit enter, you can play guitar cords with mouse.
So guys, do you like these amazing google tricks and how amazing google is? Throw your comments below….

Dont forget to visit again for such cools fact around the world.

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